Come and make history with us!

Come and make history with us!

Moss Family

The tour captures turn-of-the-century life as the prominent Moss Family lived it. Guests will see original draperies, furniture, fixtures, Persian carpets and artifacts displayed in the 1903 red sandstone structure designed by New York architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh.

Moss Mansion Circa 1903


Usher in the most wonderful time of the year with our annual Christmas Tree Tours. Our theme is Christmas Carols this year, and it will be a memorable season with lights, music, and joy in the longstanding Moss tradition.

See our Visit page for tour times and prices, and our Event Calendar for all the special occasions to enjoy at the Moss this year!

We are excited to usher in the change of seasons and ask your patience as we take down the Asylum and Labyrinth from October and get ready for the glorious Christmas holiday. 

Please join us on November 15th for this year’s Christmas Carols theme! Find out more about tours and pricing HERE.

Our sincere thanks to all who made the work that was done at the Moss Mansion of United Way Day of Caring possible. The trees, the bees, and the cleaning up – all volunteer work and all so important to the board and staff at the Moss! Thank You!

Massive honeybee colony rescued from historic Moss Mansion in Billings

Work has begun on several utilities in the neighborhood surrounding Moss Mansion. Please be aware that parking will be a challenge throughout the summer and into fall. Street parking will continue to be available on Yellowstone Avenue but will be obstructed on 1st Street as well as Clark Avenue. We anticipate short periods of limited access to our driveway from Clark and Division for vendors and venue access. If you have plans to visit the Moss Mansion and would like to know more about access and parking, please call during office hours – Tuesday through Friday from 9:30 am to 4pm. We will do our best to anticipate the work schedule and post updates as information becomes available.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

7/9/18 Update: Work is progressing in the area of Clark Ave. and 1st Street. Please drive carefully as sections of some streets are closed to thru traffic, including Clark Ave and 1st Street. We will accommodate our guests as best we can as conditions change and do not plan to be closed. It is easy walking in the neighborhood west of Division Street, so please take your time and enjoy the historic houses as you walk the neighborhood on your way to the Moss Mansion! Click here for the Walking Tour link.

7/16/18 Update: Work continues between Yellowstone and Clark Avenues from Division Street to 2nd Street, progressing north to Lewis Avenue in the days ahead. Continue to drive carefully through local construction zones, and when parking outside the work zones please enjoy the easy walk to the Moss in the historic neighborhood. Use the Moss Walking Tour link above to enhance your visit. Vendor access via the driveway will become challenging this week – please call ahead to get the current status. Our guests are finding ways to manage the challenge of access and parking, and we appreciate the effort!

8/2/18 Update: Work is moving slowly toward Lewis Ave. between Division and 2nd. Traffic continues to be slow but possible most of the time. Enter the area with caution and patience. Through traffic is discouraged, but entry to all homes and businesses is possible with care. Do enjoy the wonderful weather and use the Walking Tour link above for an extra-interesting visit to the area!

11/5/18 Update: Work is being finished in the area and soon the streets will be completely open. Until then drive carefully through the immediate area and expect intermittent blockages due to heavy equipment and materials. Thank you for your patience this year!

Do you love the history behind the Moss Mansion? Would you love to know more about P.B. Moss’ early years in Billings?

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For more information about tours, exhibits, and activities at the Moss, check our calendar, Facebook, or call 406-256-5100.

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