Summer Education Program, Moss SMALLS Boxes, and More!

Summer has never been more fun at the Moss Mansion! Find out more about each of these kids’ activities by clicking the link to our calendar, printable files, and registration instructions.

Around the Moss in 80 Days – Summer Education Series


I Spy at the Moss Mansion 

Visit the Moss Mansion this summer and look for the little Stars and Flags! Take a selfie and post them to social media and tag Moss Mansion!

Moss SMALLS Boxes

(Science, Mind-benders, Activities for the Family, Living History, Luck of the Draw (art), Silly fun for everyone!) Click to try out the Free Mini Box! Videos: What is in a SMALLS Box?Recipe


Hands On History Summer Camp

American Girl Doll Summer Camp




Write to a Moss

Communication is so important, and though we live by email, text, and Instagram these days it is as important as ever to be able to say what you mean clearly and effectively. Practice the etiquette of letter writing – write to one of your favorite Moss family members! We highlight a Moss on Facebook periodically, so you can learn more about P.B., Mattie, Preston Jr., Kula, Melville, Woodson, David, and Virginia. Read up and send them letters to Moss Mansion, C/O (their name), 914 Division Street, Billings, MT  59101.