Social Distance, Private Creativity

How can we be together while we are apart? The staff at the Moss Mansion has been looking for answers to the question, and we’ve come up with a few.

We had some fun putting together some puzzles, games, coloring pages and such. Watch our Facebook page for a variety of things to fight the boredom and cabin fever. We’ll post the answers here. Follow our page to keep up – search Moss Mansion on Facebook.

Spot the Differences

      • Toy Shelf Key
        • sides: moved the sticker sheet at the top; moved the red necklaces on the left
          Top: swapped the cat and dog; moved the yellow toy
          Next shelf down: moved the tiny llamas by the red basket; moved one black mouse that is VERY hard to see
          third shelf down: moved the sign in the basket
          fourth shelf down: swapped out a puzzle for a set of boxed toys; moved the blue monster toy
          fifth shelf down: took the pens out of the right basket
          bottom: swapped a box with a snake for the basket with the squishy toys
      • Conservatory Key
        • switched the swan and large pot on the floor
        • moved one black crane
        • moved the other black crane
        • moved the table and chair
        • added 3 ferns (count each as one difference)
        • moved the plant with pointy leaves at the left
        • moved clay pots on left side
      • Kitchen Differences
          1. Teapot and teacup switched with Sugar canister on table.
          2. Leprechaun added to table.
          3. Tall placard on shelf above stove swapped with tall placard on stovetop(2).
          4. Placard on shelf above stove moved to the right.
          5. Basket of eggs added to the left of the table.
          6. Hand soap removed from sink.
          7. Coffee percolator moved from top shelf in pantry closet.
          8. One chair added behind the table.
          9. Top door open on the stove (left).
          10. White kettle added on stovetop.
          11. Fruit basket placed on the front chair.
          12. White stool moved from pantry closet to table.
      • Sticker Rack Differences
        1. Moss tray/Moss-and-car tray switched left/right.
        2. Nail stickers in black basket moved from left to right.
        3. Montana Life stickers (black and white) moved from left to right in sticker stand.
        4. Montana, Last Best Place stickers (orange and blue rainbow) removed front/center of sticker stand.
        5. Stay Wild stickers (Montana, blue mountains and sky) moved left to center in sticker stand.
        6. Cat and Sasquatch magnet in front switched.
        7. Brown vase moved from left to right.
        8. Large Montana Girl stickers swapped with little Montana Girl stickers in sticker stand.
        9. Moss Mansion-shaped magnet moved in sticker stand one section from center to left.
        10. Matchboxes moved from shelf in front of sticker stand to left spot and center spot in sticker stand.
      • Library Differences
        1. Removed 2 brown books, top shelf.
        2. Swapped middle and right book stacks on second shelf.
        3. Flipped the stack on the right, second shelf.
        4. Removed Henry V.
        5. Removed Much Ado About Nothing.
        6. Removed one dictionary, bottom shelf.
        7. Removed The Mystery of Bonanza Trail, bottom shelf.
        8. Removed 5 Christian Science books, bottom shelf.

Moss Mansion Coloring Book

If you are enjoying the coloring pages we are posting on Facebook, you might like to download and print a whole coloring book from the Moss Mansion! CLICK THIS LINK and print the pictures (if you print double sided you can get fancy and create your own color book with construction paper covers if you’d like!) to color any way you like. We’d love to see your finished work! You can post photos in the comments or by private message on our Facebook page.

Crossword Puzzles

  • All Around the House
    • Across: 4. sandstone; 6. benefactor; 9. Edwardian
    • Down: 1. chute; 2. accession; 3. bespoke; 4. stereoscope; 5. Victorian; 7. Moors; 8. hearth
  • Moss Vocabulary
    • Across: 5. samovar; 8. water closet; 9. pier mirror; 10. billiards
    • Down: 1. parlor; 2. dumbwaiter; 3. conservatory; 4. baluster; 6. portier; 7. balustrade

Other Facebook and Online Activities

Another Facebook post included the empty rooms of the second floor. While the floors are getting repaired and refinished, can you tell which room is which?

  • How well do you know the Moss? (Our docents and hosts sure do!)
    1. Boys’ Room
    2. Girls’ Room
    3. Grandparent’s Apartment
    4. Guest Room
    5. Nursery
    6. Billiard or Family Room
    7. Master Suite

We are also working on some other projects for kids like coloring pages, Build It projects, and other creativity challenges. We’ll post projects and challenges on our Facebook page, and with your permission we’ll post the results here on our website.

So stay tuned for more, and be kind to one another! We’ll see you all again soon.