Seasonal Closing

The bustle and hustle of the holidays is subsiding, and the wintry weather makes travel less appealing for now. We will take advantage of these slower days to get our museum ready for some excitement in the coming year!

Our planning includes food! We are partnering with area interests to create a food theme for our main exhibit and some fun activities that promise to broaden your ideas and understanding about what we eat, how we get it, and traditions we build around the table.

We will continue with Phase Two of our new Self-Guided Tour offering. Last year’s introduction of the more open daily format gave us some great insight into what you find most wonderful about visiting the mansion, and we are excited to enhance your experience!

With these wonderful events, tours and exhibits come lots of preparation, research, and production – so we’ll continue looking for energetic and talented volunteers to add to our corps! If you would like to know more about what you can do to support the museum, plan a visit to speak with staff about all the interesting ways you can help or attend a tour or event and see what the Moss is all about.

You might like to find out more about Moss Mansion Memberships, too. We have a wide variety of membership levels to suit many tastes and lifestyles. Donations and sponsorships are very important to us as well – we are self-funded and rely on tours, events, fundraisers, and donations to provide the community open access to one of the area’s most unique treasures. Your financial support is vital, and with dedicated staff and volunteers we can make great things happen!

Come make history with us this year!