Murder Mystery Dinner – Ugly Sweater!

Murder Mystery 2018

Murder Mystery at the Moss Mansion is an amazing combination of great company, fabulous food, and a roaring good time. Dress in costume and enjoy the fun!

Ugly Christmas Sweater –

You’re moving up the ranks – you scored an invitation to the exclusive holiday part at the Snowflake Lodge! All the rich folks in town will be sporting their ‘best’ Christmas attire, but there’s been friction in the ranks. Who knows, someone could get hurt, or worse – will you be the perpetrator, the victim, or the whistleblower?

Reservations are $85 per person (choose character gender and include all guest names when you purchase) and include costume suggestions, 3-course dinner, wine, and participation in the mystery throughout the evening. Register the guests included in your reservation HERE.

You will receive an emailed order confirmation of your purchase. A character packet and other information will be available from our event coordinator prior to the party. It will be emailed to you at the email address you provide here (or we can call the phone number you provide to get mailing instructions).

Limit 32 seats/characters; reservations are non-refundable and are available at or call 406-256-5100. No paper tickets are issued for this event.