About Us and Testimonials

The Billings Preservation Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization which administers, operates, and maintains the Moss Mansion Historic House Museum. In 1986, the Billings Preservation Society obtained possession of the Moss home through a lease agreement with the family and separate option agreement. The Moss Mansion is self-funded with operational income from staff and volunteer organized fundraisers and cultural events, tours, private bookings for weddings and other occasions, and small short-term project grants and corporate event sponsorship each year.

Per the family’s request, the house has been available to the public and maintained to meet the requirements of the National Historic Home Register. Through the Billings Preservation Society, the Moss Mansion has been included as a chapter in the book Great American Homes, published by Reader’s Digest; on the A&E Network program America’s Castles: The Great Frontier; and in the National Geographic Guide to America’s Great Houses.

The mission of the Billings Preservation Society, symbolized by the Moss Mansion, is to inspire, to educate and to facilitate historic and cultural preservation activities for our community and for its future generations.

Our rooms are filled with details from a bygone era, our docents and staff excited to share history, stories, and more, and our grounds are peaceful and splendid. Every visit to the Moss Mansion holds a new treasure to discover, with interesting exhibits and special events, educational tours and volunteer projects, rental opportunities for weddings and private meetings and parties, and a lovely little gift shop.

Read what some of our guests have to say…

TripAdvisor Review, 6/11/2018, by tambrown1961:
A must See!
My husband and I toured Moss Mansion and loved it. I have toured many historic homes and I have to say this one really is a gem. The best thing about it is that I would estimate that 95% of everything in the home is original to it, which is rare. The home was lived in by a family member up until the 1980’s and it seems that every generation tried hard to keep the mansion in its original condition. The young lady who gave us our tour was very knowledgeable. I thought the cost was very reasonable and in line with other historic homes I have toured. The style of the exterior of the home is not my favorite and because of that I didn’t know what to expect the interior to be like, but it was GREAT! If you love antiques and fabulous interiors this is a MUST SEE.

TripAdvisor Review, 6/7/18, from onewickedb in Seattle, Washington:
I’ve lived in Billings for 8 years now and have been hearing about the Moss Mansion. I’ve been told several times, but various people that Moss Mansion was beautiful inside and that I needed to check it out. For some reason, I just never was that enthused about it.
I finally checked it out last weekend and whoa. I have to emphatically insist that if you are at all into history, design or architecture, that you NEED to take this tour. It’s self guided, so you can go at your own pace. I was told that everything inside is 90% original to the home; they’ve had to restore some things but for the most part, it’s all original. I was just blow away. I highly recommend this tour.

Google Review, 6/9/18, from Krystal Maestas: Absolutely gorgeous house with well informed volunteer historians! If you can. Definitely take the guided tour! $15 is definitely worth it! https://business.google.com/u/1/reviews/l/07825885643089677169

TripAdvisor Review, 5/2018, from 323Julie in Leonardtown, Maryland:
Beautiflly maintained history. 
The volunteers knew much about the mansion and were able to answer all our questions. Lovely furnishings from long ago. Take note of the wallpaper which was incredible! Loved it! A must see if you like historic homes.

Google Review, 2/2018, from Herman Corletto:
Attended a murder mystery dinner. They are tons of fun. Great people at the museum. https://business.google.com/u/1/reviews/l/07825885643089677169