About Us


The Billings Preservation Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization which administers, operates, and maintains the Moss Mansion Historic House Museum. In 1986, the Billings Preservation Society obtained possession of the Moss home through a lease agreement with the family and separate option agreement. Per the family‚Äôs request, the house has been available to the public and maintained to meet the requirements of the National Historic Home Register. Through the Billings Preservation Society, the Moss Mansion has been included as a chapter in the book Great American Homes, published by Reader’s Digest; on the A&E Network program America’s Castles: The Great Frontier; and in the National Geographic Guide to America’s Great Houses.

The Billings Preservation Society turns 30!
For 30 years, the Billings Preservation Society has worked to restore and preserve the 113-year-old Moss Mansion, celebrating the historic and cultural significance of this Billings landmark. Through the determined efforts of its small staff and generous contributions from committed directors and volunteers, the society has inspired the community to support preservation maintenance and major improvements at the mansion.

The mission of the Billings Preservation Society, symbolized by the Moss Mansion, is to inspire, to educate and to facilitate historic and cultural preservation activities for our community and for its future generations.

The Moss Mansion welcomes thousands of visitors each year to enjoy a guided or group tour, explore the gardens and gift shop and experience a variety of signature community events.